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Eulogies is a collection of songs written on guitar over the past ten years. During this decade there has been cultural shift: rock stars still exist, but the ones that predominantly play guitar have become increasingly redundant. The stars that captivate us now use electronics, and the one out the front is more likely to rap at us than sing.

I have witnessed the dinosaurs of rock berate Kanye West for being egotistical, just as egotistical as they are. I see my guitar-playing peers lament the lack of respect they receive. This inability to recognise and accept cultural shifts, and this desire to hold onto redundant power structures led me to come up with the framework I call ‘ego-death’, and to find ways to sketch that ego-death with sounds.

These four songs, with feeble guitar and looming synths, represent that.


released March 31, 2017

Nick Milnes for his feedback & guidance. Mikhaela Rodwell for her conceptual guidance and Dogbau for the art.
All pop-culture giants and lowlifes.




NJR Brisbane, Australia

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